Meet Diane Gaudynski

"As a child growing up in a cold bedroom, I loved snuggling down under the scrap quilts that my grandmother had made for my sisters and me.  Of course, I have loved quilts all of my life, and began machine quilting in 1988 after hand quilting for several years and first hearing a lecture by Harriet Hargrave.   After seeing Debra Wagner's "Floral Urns," the first Bernina Award winner at Paducah, I knew what was possible on a home sewing machine. I am self-taught and my first book, "Guide to Machine Quilting," has been published by AQS. It shares my methods and what I have learned about quilting with all of you. In June of 2002 my quilt, Through a Glass Darkly: An American Memory was designated a Masterpiece Quilt by the NQA Masters Quilt program." My new book is "Quilt Savvy - Gaudynski's Machine Quilting Guidebook" and explores problem solving and wonderful freehand techniques.

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Guide to Machine Quilting


In Fields of Gold at Houston

Diane with "In Fields of Gold," 2002, Houston

"My two cats help me with all aspects of quiltmaking, and Hillary tries anything she can think of to eat cotton batt, does not like wool at all, and turns her nose up and strolls away if I even think about poly. I live in Wisconsin where the winters are long and cold, great for serious quiltmaking, although quilting in the summer is good too. I have been a quilter since the late 1970's and began machine quilting in 1988. I have been teaching various quiltmaking techniques for 18 years and love to encourage beginners so that they too can sleep under beautiful quilts. Working with advanced students helping perfect their free motion skills is always a terrific reward for me. Many of them have now won national and international awards for their beautiful and creative machine quilting, and more are on the way."


As an experienced teacher and Master Quilter, Diane can lead you into the exciting world of heirloom machine quilting, "Mud, Wonderful Mud!", color and design in multi-fabric quilts, drawing your own feather designs, and original freehand quilting motifs in her lectures and workshops.

The first quilt that Diane machine quilted was voted "Viewers’ Choice" in 1989 at a local quilt show. Since then her quilts have become more extensively quilted, and have consistently won awards at every show entered. Her style is definitely her own and easily recognizable.

At this time Diane has had twelve quilts juried into the AQS show in Paducah, Kentucky and has judged this event twice, and the IQA Show and Contest at Houston in 2004.

One of her first quilts, "Feathered Star," appears in Harriet Hargrave's Heirloom Machine Quilting. "Arnie's Rising Stars" received a second-place award at Paducah in 1996 and was the Wisconsin winner in the Land's End - Good Housekeeping 1996 All-American Quilt Contest. Its slide and contest entry are now in the archives of the American Folk Life Center at the Library of Congress.

Four of Diane's quilts have won the prestigious Bernina Award for Machine Workmanship at the AQS Show in Paducah, KY, 1997-2000, and are now in the permanent collection of the Museum of the American Quilter's Society.

"Through a Glass Darkly: An American Memory" was awarded the $5000 Pfaff Master Award for Machine Artistry at the 2001 IQA Show in Houston, a first place ribbon at the AQS Show in Paducah, KY, 2002, Best of Show at the 2002 NQA Show, and was judged by NQA in 2002 to be a Masterpiece Quilt, the 16th quilt in this program.

"In Fields of Gold" also won the Pfaff Master Award for Machine Artistry, at the 2002 IQA Quilt Festival in Houston, TX. "A Visit To Provence" is perhaps Diane's best work to date. A miniature whole cloth quilt with original designs, many of them traditional yet done freehand. This quilt has won many awards and will be a part of the new miniature quilt collection at the Museum of the American Quilter's Society in Paducah, KY.


Diane was invited to exhibit her work at International Great Quilts Expo in Tokyo, Japan in 2002 as one of today's top 30 quilt artists of the world. Her work was featured at the Johnson HumrickHouse museum in Coschocton, Ohio in their "Honoring the Tradition" exhibit in the summer of 2002 and was featured on the exhibition poster, and had the same honor for the Machine Quilting exhibit at the New England Quilt Museum in 2004. She appeared on many television programs, including three national PBS quilt documentaries, and was featured twice with Alex Anderson in Simply Quilts. She did a "Quilt of the Week" segment on the AQS show, "American Quilter" in 2005.

Diane's book, "Guide to Machine Quilting," is a best seller and her new Quilt Savvy book for AQS wase released in early '06. "Quilting Fancy," her collection of fancy feather designs for embroidery sewing machines came out in '05 and made it to the top ten list. Diane also has a signature line of silk quilting thread with YLI Corp.

Let Diane explain and inspire while showing you how to turn your quilt tops into intricately quilted masterpieces on your own sewing machine. Her quilts combine the beauty and warmth of antiques with modern techniques of machine quilting to produce the look and feel of treasured heirlooms.

Within a year of taking Diane’s machine quilting class many of her students have produced award-winning quilts. You can too! Diane has many tips to help you perfect this technique.

Fees and references available upon request. Special arrangements are available to suit your group’s needs. Please contact Diane through her e-mail link at this site.

Diane's exhibit in Tokyo

Diane's exhibit in Tokyo, Japan 2001