Minnesota Special

Machine Quilting ~ A New Tradition

This slide lecture explains the basics of machine quilting and gives you an inside look at set-up for machine quilting, supplies needed, and quilting techniques. Explains the roots and history of machine quilting and different styles of today, and what to look for in quilting in the new millenium. Many useful tips given. 1-1 1/2 hours.


Mud! Wonderful Mud!

This slide lecture provides a discussion and demonstration of the use of neutral colors to help your quilts come alive with the warmth and beauty of antique quilts by including "mud" colors in your design palette. A sometimes humorous look at our color foibles and avoidance of colors termed "the uglies." Many aspects of color and design, fabric selection, use of pattern, and other topics are covered. Length: 1 to 1 1/2 hours.


Quilting Designs

Lots of pieced tops but no idea how to quilt them? This slide lecture takes you from beginning to end in choosing, drawing, marking and coordinating the quilting designs that will change your top to a quilt with your own style expressed in beautiful quilting designs as the final touch. Tips on machine quilting them too. 1 to 1 1/2 hours.


Machine Quilting FAQ's!

Now that machine quilting is so popular and is here to stay, there are more questions than ever about it. This lecture has long laundry list of frequently asked questions along with their answers, a sort of "Dear Abby" of machine quilting problems. Learn so many tips and answers to your questions in the lecture and in the question/answer period as well. Prevent future problems by learning what others have encountered. 1 Hour.



Grandpa's bib

~My Grandpa's Baby Bib~

This stained and used bib was machine quilted for my grandfather on an early sewing machine, a Wheeler and Wilson, who had the first patent for feed dogs. It is resting on some of my present-day machine quilting.