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A Visit to Wales

"A Visit to Wales"

This miniature whole cloth quilt (23 1/2" square) was made in December 2000 as a personal challenge to myself to see if I could design a whole cloth quilt and finish it in time to enter the AQS Show by the end of the year. It was a difficult project; the designs had to be small but visible, and the stitches in the machine quilting had to be small enough to be in proportion to the quilt. I drafted the desgin on freezer paper and transferred it to the sateen fabric. Unfortunately, the blue marker faded in a few hours and I had to work fast to quilt in the base lines. The central feathered wreath and the corner fans and all the Welsh spirals were done with no marks by free hand quilting. The fill in the corner urns was also done this way (see photos below). It speeded things up and kept the quilting free and flowing. This quilt not only was accepted into the 2001 AQS Show and Contest at Paducah, KY, but placed 3rd in the Miniature category. The designs were inspired by Welsh whole-cloth quilts, but are not meant to be a reproduction of them. Detail of quilting, below. In November 2001 it received a 2nd place award at the IQA show in Houston, Texas. It received a 2nd place in the NQA Show in 2002.


Detail of quilting