Diane's Fees and Workshop Requirements

Effective 5/1/09: Full day workshops are $850 for 6 hours of teaching, not including lunch break. Half day classes are $450 for 3 hours.

Lectures of 1 to 1 1/2 hours are $400 if included with workshops on the same trip. A lecture alone is $600.

20 students maximum. Additional students $20 per student up to 24. Sponsoring group to provide a Bernina sewing machine if possible.

Air conditioned classroom for warm weather scheduling a must.

Marking board and tables for class samples a requirement.

Lectures at this time are slides or Power Point; sponsor group to provide a digital projector or Kodak projector as needed, set-up, screen, remote, and microphone. Diane will have slides in a carousel unless noted. Quilt stand for display quilt at lecture is helpful. Two tables for display of small quilts for lectures.

A private, non-smoking hotel room is necesarry in a "not brand new" hotel, not one with very recent renovations or undergoing renovations. Classroom requirements the same - nothing brand new (paint, carpet, carpet cleaning, etc.) Window that opens is desirable, and elevator if more than one floor. Air conditioning. No dorms or private homes.

Travel, lodging, and meals to be provided during travel days and workshop days by the sponsoring group, as well as airport parking and incidental fees such as luggage fees, if incurred.

Diane prefers to book her own flights if possible and be reimbursed. Every effort will be made to book well in advance and obtain the best fare, and she will check with your group before making the flight reservation.