Cats and Quilts

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Cat hair and quilts-what a never ending problem! I do use my quilts but have to clean them of cat hair frequently. Mostly I use a small hand vac (Royal Dirt Devil) held just to the quilt, and used only for quilts!

Also I have a big yellow eraser-like thing called a Gonzo pad I bought at JoAnn fabrics and it's also at pet stores that is just that, an eraser for cat hair. Works wonders on my furniture, quilts etc.

And for quick touch-ups there's my favorite old reliable lint remover, tape on a tube with a handle. I keep one by my sewing machine and use it on an area right before I quilt it so I don't sew the hair in. Also your hand in a slightly dampened rubber glove works great at removing fur.

I do have a quilt on the bed, but at night when the cats sleep there too I put a sheet on top of the quilt. They usually don't sleep on it in the daytime, and if they do, I toss on one of the Chinese made wholecloth machine quilted throws. They are pretty, I wash them frequently, and the cats love them.

Another idea is a decoy quilt. I have an old beginner one that I leave out and they usually go right to that rather than the one I'm working on. I wash and dry it in the dryer and it looks old and heirloom-y and they like it a lot; think they're putting one over on me by sleeping on it. You can also put one on the foot of the bed and they usually sit on the decoy.

I do wash my quilts periodically, but on gentle in lukewarm or hot water with quilt soap, dry on low in the dryer for everyday quilts, or air dry flat on the floor for "show quilts." It gets the quilting designs fluffed up and removes allergens and dust which can be very damaging to cotton fibers.

You can live with both cats and quilts! It just takes a little effort.



Cat dreams

Arnie sleeping and dreaming his cat dreams....