Cats and Quilts!

Arnie helping.... 

~Arnie helped me with "Through a Glass, Darkly: An American Memory"

If you are a quilter and have cats too, you know that quilts are cat magnets! All you have to do is get out fabric and there will instantly be a cat on it! Try layering a quilt and basting it and a cat will magically appear and try to wriggle between the layers and take a nap, or look at every safety pin as a target and try to kill it, or even try to rip batting off and eat it. Free-motion quilting is almost impossible with cats sandbagged all over the top—try to get even stitches then! Sometimes, though, you can make them a decoy quilt so they will sleep on it rather than the one you are quilting. But even then, those hours when you are looking so intently at the stitching begin to make them jealous, and they will get right up on the machine and near the needle and in your face! Then its time to take a break.

~ Fluffy Settles In ~


~ Arnie on His Quilt - "Arnie's Rising Stars" ~

Lucy in the jungle

~My brother Jim's cat Lucy selects fabric in her personal jungle~

Cat Haiku

Grace personified,

I leap into the window.

I meant to do that.


Want to trim my claws?

Don't even think about it!

My cries will wake the dead.