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Shadows of Umbria


Welcome to my Web site! forex I began machine quilting in 1988 after a brief interlude as a hand quilter, and began this voyage into the art of machine quilting on my home sewing machine. Several machines later, I love this art even more and have developed my own signature techniques that I teach in my workshops. My goal continues to be excellence in machine work, and teaching students how to improve their own machine quilting. I don't travel as frequently as other national teachers, but check my "Schedule" page for class dates and locations. Workshop offerings and fees/requirements are on the "Workshops" page, and any recent news will be posted on my blog. Some of my quilts have their own pages, and there is a gallery of additional quilts as well. Tips are posted every now and again. Enjoy!


In March 2010 all my inbox email was mysteriously deleted. If you have emailed me prior to this date and have not heard back, please be so kind as to re-send your message. Thanks, Diane

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Shadows of Umbria ~ Founders Award, IQA, Houston 2006; BOS NQA, 2007

Rabbit in Green ~ NQA Machine Quilting Award, Domestic machine, 2006

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In Fields of Gold ~ Pfaff Master Award, Houston 2002

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A Visit to Provence ~ Miniature, 2003, part of the "Oh, Wow" Miniatures Collection at MAQS

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Through A Glass Darkly: An American Memory ~ Masterpiece Quilt and BOS, NQA 2002; Pfaff Master Award, Houston 2001

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FAQ - Machine quilting with fine silk thread

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October Morning ~ 2000 Bernina Award Winner, AQS, Paducah

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Kettle Moraine Star ~ 1997 Bernina Award Winner, AQS, Paducah

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Sweetheart On Parade ~ 1998 Bernina Award Winner, AQS, Paducah

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Butternut Summer ~ 1999 Bernina Award Winner, AQS, Paducah

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Lectures that will inspire and motivate, but also just to enjoy

Workshops that will enable you to improve your machine quilting

Schedule of upcoming classes and lectures - 4/1/09

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